Livelihoods Mount Elgon Project Kenya

Funding: €230,000

Locations: Mount Elgon Ecosystem

Sustainable Agriculture Land Management (SALM), Dairy Value Chain Support in Mount Elgon Ecosystem, Kenya

Duration: March 2016 –February 2019

Project Objective:

Livelihood Ventures, VI-Agroforestry, Brookside Dairies Ltd and EAMDA implemented a sustainable agriculture land managed (SALM) based dairy value chain project in Kenya’s Mount Elgon Ecosystem. Project goal was to accumulate high quality carbon credits, amounting to 1 million tonnes within a 10-year period, for its investors through this dairy project’s implementation. Brookside Dairy Ltd., being the largest dairy operation in East Africa presents the market access vital for the project with the company seeking to access 150,000 litres of milk per day from the project’s farmers.

Project Activities



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