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EAMDA nurtures local talent and utilizes its technical and professional competence in partnership with its clients to develop PRACTICAL APPROACHES that inventively solve development challenges that meet the SOCIO-ECONOMIC OBJECTIVES of each individual initiative, and in a timely and cost-effectivemanner

Project Implementation

EAMDA has vast experience in agribusiness development, having implemented several multi -year projects. The firm has also been engaged in the design of initiatives cutting across market and food systems, resilience and socio –
economic interventions across the Eastern Africa Region.

Industry & Market Studies

Our team of business development service specialists and research professionals have extensive knowledge and experience in conducting value chain analysis as well as market and industry studies that inform key recommendations for project design and implementation.

Strategy & Business Consulting

EAMDA formulates strategic, business, and investment plans that make Micro, Small, And Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) as well as Non -Governmental and Non -Profit Organizations more effective and sustainable, thus increasing their potential to enrich lives, drive impact and increase profitability.

Monitoring & Evaluation Learning

To ensure the design and implementation of sustainable development projects, EAMDA
supports project teams and their clients in keeping track of the implementation of projects and prudence in the utilization of resources, thereby enabling effective decision-making,
course correction and learning for future projects.


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